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"...And as for Frasquita? The very name sounds like a light sparkling wine, and Miss Hinkle sparkles indeed with fresh vivacity. Both ladies brightened the evening with lovely voices and exciting dance." ​
John Huxhold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
"Equal to the main characters was the wonderful quartet of smugglers... Their interactions with one another and the rest of the cast were relaxed and idiomatic. Hinkle made all her upper-register exclamations sound easy..."
Steve Callahan, Broadway World
"Hinkle's fine singing and wistfulness was sublime" 
Lee Hartman,
Soprano "Ellen Hinkle was the hit of the show displaying nuanced acting, fine dancing skills and was a more than capable vocal partner" 
Don Dagenais,
"Ellen Hinkle...once again charms as Princess Margaret, most notably in the waltz duet "Just We Two..." their vocal and acting skills are already impressive, and I hope to see more of them in the future."
Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX
"Hinkle as Julie has a sweet singing voice that fits her character"
Time Record News
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